2011 Pre-Season Predictions [WMQ]
Mar 31st, 2011 by Dan

Hit! - Florida Marlins at Philadelphia Phillies 17 April 2010

Baseball is BACK!

Games start at 1300 today, so I’m still pre-season. This is also a much shorter prediction post than years past, but that’s what you’re getting.

NL Playoffs:

East: Braves
Central: Reds
West: Giants
Wild Card: Dodgers

I love Philadelphia’s rotation, but their offense has too many holes. No Utley, no RF, Ibañez is not great, Howard is getting figured out and has no protection…it just leads me to the Braves because they don’t have any huge issues, but are solid.

In the Central I don’t think the Cards can do it again this year and I definitely don’t think the Brewers (bad defense, poor pitching) or the Cubs (you’re kidding, right?) can do it. Houston and Pittsburgh aren’t even close to competitive.

The Giants have a better team than last year and they know they can win. So long as 3/5 of that rotation stays strong and healthy, they’ll win it handily. The big bold prediction is thinking that LA can rise out of the doldrums of last season and put in a good year, but I like their chances.

AL Playoffs:

East: Red Sox
Central: Twins
West: Rangers
Wild Card: Toss up…White Sox or Yankees

New York does not inspire confidence in me this year. It’s that aging field and mediocre pitching after Sabathia. Boston has a strong offense in front of good pitching and Tampa can’t quite keep up this year without too many things going right.

I never bet against the Twins in their current form. Chicago might give them trouble, but I don’t see it happening. Detroit is missing a few key pieces in their lineup and rotation and Kansas/Cleveland don’t stand a chance.

Texas’ pitching is still strong without Lee (assuming that Colby Lewis and CJ Wilson have great seasons again) and their only real competition in this division is Oakland (LA’s pitching is weak). I only say this because you never really know what you’re gonna get with Oakland.

The Films of David Fincher [FB]
Mar 26th, 2011 by Dan

keesvdijkhuizen continues his series highlighting the films of the directors he loves. David Fincher is a particular favorite of mine, directing a couple of my favorite movies (Fight Club, The Social Network) and many more that I’ve yet to see, but hear are great (Benjamin Button, Seven).

If you like this video, be sure to check out keesvdijkhuizen’s videos on Sofia Coppola and Danny Boyle.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold [fb]
Mar 26th, 2011 by Dan

Interesting premise.

Friends With Benefits Trailer [FB]
Mar 18th, 2011 by Dan

I see no reason why this movie would be better than No Strings Attached, but I love the talent in this movie way more than Ashton Kutcher. I mean, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, and Justin Timberlake…even if Emma Stone is only in five minutes of this, can you go wrong?! Ok, yes, you can, but I’ll probably see this anyway. I feel your judgy eyes judging and I don’t care.

All right…I care a little bit. Get off my back.

What I’m Watching [IB]
Mar 18th, 2011 by Dan

7/365 - laziness

Been watching lots of TV lately. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been on the box this week:

30 Clubs in 30 Days:

MLB Network continues its annual preview of all 30 MLB teams this year like it has for the past two. This time we’ve got slightly fancier tech for showing off prospects in studio and a neat little postcard thing at the end to summarize their feelings about the team, but not much has changed (and I’m ok with that). Coverage of the Florida Marlins airs on Saturday, but I’ll be down in DC watching Maz Jobrani do his thing. Thank god for DVRs.


The much anticipated(?) debut of Glee‘s original music happened this week at Regionals. I’ve been on record as saying that there’s nothing worse than Glee doing original songs. Realistically, all I mean is that the songs will not be anywhere near as good as (many) of the songs they already do on the show. Turns out that I was right. See, the problem with the songs that they seriously wrote to perform (as opposed to the funny reject songs) is that they are machine-built (so to speak) to appeal to the mass market (read: tweens). They are unoffensive, but unimpressive and kind of trite. Kind of reminds me of High School Musical, but a little better.

On the licensed music front, I did love Kurt singing “Blackbird”. Aside from the terribly ham-fisted implementation of “Imagine”, Kurt has received the honor of singing Beatles songs in Glee (the only other one would be “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, but still) and I liked the implication that “ITtHYH” was a connection that Kurt shared with his dad that might have also led to a love of The Beatles. This could just be idle speculation, but we’ll see if my Kurt-sings-songs-by-The-Beatles-because-of-his-dad hypothesis rings true the next time a classic Beatles tune makes it into the show.


When I saw the first episode of this show I remember being somewhat unimpressed with the love interest characters they’d introduced for Raylen. Since then Ava and Winona have so charmed me with their characterization, acting, and Southern accents that I can’t remember ever thinking that they weren’t right for the part.

It’s easy to dismiss Justified as a “hillbilly redneck show” that would hold no interest over viewers not from the South, but I’m hooked. FX has certainly started some sort of cable network TV renaissance and I’m definitely grateful

Arctic Monkeys New Track: “Brick By Brick” [F]
Mar 7th, 2011 by Dan

I love the Arctic Monkeys. Does this sound anything like them? Surprisingly, no. Is it still an awesome song? Yeah. There are some pretty sweet guitar licks in there. Check it out.

First North America Catherine Trailer [ER/GO]
Mar 2nd, 2011 by Dan

Looks a lot like the Japanese one, but in English this time!

Street Fighter IV Style Ultra Combos [ER/GO]
Mar 2nd, 2011 by Dan

This set of videos by Thousand Pounds Action Company feature Street Fighter IV-esque “Ultra Combos” done with real-life actors. It’s a pretty sweet set of videos. Check it out.

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