IBNttT in 2010! [U]
Jan 2nd, 2011 by Dan


About a week into January of 2010 Eric found and installed one of the best wordpress plugins I’ve ever seen, Stats. Thanks to that, I’ve got some performance numbers for the site to share.

Top Posts

Remixed Objection, No Yakuza 3?, L4D2 (Again), and Pokémon Cosplay [Game Overview] (1,182)

I know precisely why this link is top of the list. It features a stunning picture of Jessica Nigri very liberally cosplaying a Pikachu. It seems sex sells. Surprise!

Great Dwarf Fortress Stories [PC] (412)

There’s a rather large gap between #1 and #2, but it’s thanks to Dwarf Fortress’ niche status that anything Eric or I post on the topic gets consistent hits. It seems not many other sites cover it, but people regularly look for info.

The Villains of Final Fantasy Week 11 [Game Overview] (404)

My most popular villain feature isn’t FF VII it’s an MMO that I never played and did a rather half-hearted job writing about? Weird.

The Villains of Final Fantasy Week 10 [Game Overview] (355)

Considering how popular FF X is, I’m not that surprised.

Mother 3 Review [Big N] (313)

This is my proudest part of the top five. I spent a lot of time on this review and I’m glad so many are finding it.

Runners Up:

Otakon 2010
Scott Pilgrim

Otakon gets high on the list thanks to its cosplay pictures (some of which also feature hotties) while Scott Pilgrim benefits from internet popularity.

Now for the big announcement:

2010 Hit Totals By Month

Jan: 1,733
Feb: 2,015
Mar: 2,284
Apr: 2,353
May: 2,015
Jun: 2,137
Jul: 3,058
Aug: 3,629
Sep: 3,461
Oct: 3,806
Nov: 3,077
Dec: 2,844
Total: 32,412

I honestly never expected so many people to see my random ramblings and I’m quite proud. I think October stands out as hit leader thanks to all of the cosplay pictures being used for costume ideas. Wow, 32k hits. The gauntlet has been thrown, 2011. Can you beat this?

January: Reconnecting With The Past [Fukubukuro 2010]
Jan 2nd, 2011 by Dan

Time sure seems to pass pretty quickly. By now it’s been about six years since I was in high school. Maybe the growth is actually an illusion, but it sure feels like I’m miles away from the kid I was at 18, which makes it extra jarring to run into relics from my past.

Tami and I both transferred to Sickles High School our sophomore years. My switch was the result of a move up north, but Tami came to SHS because private school life didn’t suit her. Both of us were on the swim team, took the same bus to and from school, and lived in the same neighborhood, but neither of us really hung out much beyond the season. Tami went to school in the south and I went to school in NY and moved to MD. I pretty much thought I’d never see her again.

Considering that I live in the DC/MD area, I guess it’s not that out of the ordinary to have people i know come up here to live, but it sure feels weird for someone I knew from (what feels like) a lifetime ago to live so near again. Weirder still is that we started to hang out.

Having such a shared past makes it seem like we have a lot more in common than we actually did. I mean, hanging out at practice or team functions doesn’t really make for a real friendship, at least not to me, so it was weird to actually meet and get to know this person who I felt I knew, but didn’t really.

In a way, it’s similar to, say, my friendship with Kai. We probably knew each other better than Tami and I did thanks to being literal neighbors and hanging out at Cornell., but we’ve both expressed that we actually got to know each other much better through our online lives. Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery or a new venue to expose you to how cool someone is or how well you get along with other people.

So we did hang out a bunch while she lived in DC, saw ice hockey games, caught a few movies, and hit up a few bars (Now that’s a weird one. Most of my old friends from high school have never seen me drink). Conversation was made less awkward by being able to catch up over people we both remembered from our high school days until we actually became friends once again.

It still feels weird to think about the fact that Tami has known me since I was 15, but I attribute that more to the fact that I’ve moved around so much in my life. I don’t think I attended any one school for more than three years and I don’t keep in touch with a lot of the people I knew before most of my moves. I wonder if she thinks I’m different from how I was back then. I mean, I actually thought that I should try and grow a mustache back then. Thank god those days are over.


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