Abe Is My Homeboy: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]
Jun 10th, 2010 by Dan

Abe and I at Nationals Park

"Honest" Abe and I fist bumping

For some reason Abe has become my favorite of the racing presidents. Maybe it’s his arrogant stride or maybe it’s the way he’s a sore loser when he doesn’t win, but I just love everything about the persona they’ve crafted for #16.

09 June

Chunichi Dragons (1) at Rakuten Eagles (4). Satoshi Nagai hurls eight innings of eight hit ball, miraculously only giving up one run. Nice work, Nagai. Rakuten’s record improves to 29-30-1, tied for fourth.

Hiroshima Carp (2) at Chiba Lotte Marines (2). Kenta Maeda battled the Marines to a tie over nine and his bullpen held on for him to secure Hiroshima’s second tie in like a week. The tie allows Hiroshima to edge forward to 22-34-2 in fourth.

New York Yankees (4) at Baltimore Orioles (2). I watched the Orioles blow a bases-loaded opportunity against Sabathia in the 7th (I believe). Such a disappointing team. 16-43.

Florida Marlins at Philadelphia Phillies. The much vaunted Johnson vs Halladay rematch was postponed due to rain.

Pittsburgh Pirates (5) at Washington Nationals (7). Washington proves that it can win without Strasburg. Can they sweep the Bucs? Their record improves to 29-31, putting them in fourth.

Toronto Blue Jays (1) at Tampa Bay Rays (10). David Price has just been unbelievable of late. Very nice work. Tampa retains its two game lead with its 39-20 record.

Basically… [Uncat]
Jun 10th, 2010 by Dan

Last year Min ruined my life by telling me that “basically”, “essentially”, and their synonymous brethren were big no-nos in the debate world because they’re often used as filler words with little to no meaning. Already sensitive about the fact that I say “like” too much, I now had one more thing to worry about and one more thing to notice in other people’s speech patterns. Thanks Min. It’s like when you realize that you don’t control your blinking, then you take control of it until you forget about it, only I never forget.

I sincerely hope you started controlling your blinking or breathing thanks to this, Min. I know I did writing this.

I Can’t Defeat Air Man [ER]
Jun 10th, 2010 by Dan

PS: It’s in Japanese. Trust me, it’s better that way. I love it, so J-Pop.

PPS: Air Man is not really that hard. Wood Man is even easier.

If you really want it in English:

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