Month: April 2010

  • SUPER Street Fighter IV Impressions [Game Overview]

    Super Street Fighter IV landed on shelves this week and made its way into my apartment. I haven’t given it quite as much time as I’ve given PYS 2010 this week, but I’ve thrown down a few times this week and realized, “Yeah, it’s Street Fighter IV, but Super.” The most obvious addition to vanilla […]

  • Slightly Political: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]

    Here at IBNttT we do not support Orwellian laws designed to penalize native born or immigrant Latino populations. I don’t support boycotting the Diamondbacks over this, but I do support moving the All-Star game out of Arizona until this law is repealed. 29 April NPB Rakuten Eagles (0) at Softbank Hawks (4). Another series sweep, […]

  • Mixed Bag: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]

    No matter how poorly my teams did or didn’t do today, nothing can match my disappointment in the Washington Capitals for losing Game 7 of the first round of the playoffs. Way to suck, guys. 28 April NPB Yokohama BayStars (2) at Hiroshima Carp (1). These close losses are the most heartbreaking ones. The Carp […]

  • Thoughts on Whip It and An Education [Filmmakers Bleed]

    It’s a tough world out there. The first person you meet in the beginning of The Legend of Zelda says, “It’s dangerous to go alone,” and he’s 100% right. I know this as well as anyone. Childhood, and school in general, wasn’t that long ago for me. For a kid whose family was decidedly not […]

  • The Real Deal [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]

    In four Minor League starts, Stephen Strasburg has shown that AA cannot contain him. The Nats don’t want to rush him, but here are some numbers to consider. Innings pitched: 17.1 (that’s really 17.333, but baseball is strange about inning decimals) Hits: 7 Strikeouts: 23 WHIP: 0.577 (this is a measure of how many people […]

  • ORIOLES WIN!: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]

    Normally your fourth win, twenty-four games into the season, is nothing to celebrate. When you do it against the Yankees, I think you can take a minute to be proud of notching a ‘W’. 27 April NPB Yokohama BayStars (0) at Hiroshima Carp (3). Nothing like a shutout to brighten your day. The Carp are […]

  • Walk-Off Walk: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]

    It was a light baseball day yesterday with only two teams that matter to me playing baseball. I don’t know when it happened, but at some point in the offseason I became a Nats fan. The Marlins will always come first for me, but Washington has made a pretty good case for itself. I love […]

  • Swept by the Giants: The Weekend Scores That Matter [WMQ]

    When you have a series against the Giants (and you’re the Hiroshima Carp), things can get ugly. PYS 2010 has taught me that as well, where my version of the Hiroshima Carp are barely a fourth place team. 23 April NPB Hiroshima Carp (4) at Yomiuri Giants (10). The Giants offense is potent, to say […]

  • PYS 2010 and L4D2: The Passing [Game Overview]

    It’s been a while since I properly did one of these, but yesterday heralded the arrival of both Pro Yakyu Spirits 2010 and the latest campaign for L4D2, The Passing. Both are super fun. Impressions below: Pro Yakyu Spirits 2010 The comforting thing about sports franchises is that you always know what you’re getting year […]

  • Rain Delays: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]

    Yesterday seemed to be super rainy in Japan. Neither of my teams managed to get a game in. 22 April NPB Hiroshima Carp at Hanshin Tigers. Rained out. Chiba Lotte Marines at Rakuten Eagles. Rained out. MLB Colorado Rockies (2) at Washington Nationals (0). Livo couldn’t pitch another shut out, so his perfect record and […]