Civ IV Update [Game Overview]
Feb 12th, 2010 by Dan

Contrary to what might be expected, I actually don’t pay much attention to news when I’m stuck in the house all week thanks to a snowstorm so this week’s update will just be about my Civ games.


Perhaps my strongest civilization position comes with my first game as the Ethiopians. Thanks to lucky placement of resources, I’ve got access to copper in this civ, so I spent the last week producing Axemen to try and conquer Charles De Gaulle’s France to the Southwest of Ethiopia. After pumping out and moving four Axemen into French territory, it was finally time to attack Orleans.

I just noticed I'm gonna get myself some gems if I can make this conquest happen!

The long struggle cost me most of my forces, but I was ultimately able to conquer Orleans. I probably should have razed it since it will have resource conflicts with Paris, but I’ll just have to make do with what I’ve got.

De Gaulle is probably shaking in his boots.

I'm coming for you next Paris.

I plan to continue my conquest of France in this game and then focus on building up and expanding a bit. I’m falling behind on cultural technologies and I need to start building up my empire for real conquests down the road.


Unfortunately for the Khmer empire, there seems to be a distinct lack of either copper or iron within my borders. Since that’s no way to wage a war, I instead decided to try and expand into some copper with some settlers and live peacefully until then. That was the plan until I noticed that Justinian moved some workers right on to my border. I couldn’t resist such a gamble, so I jumped into his borders and nabbed two free workers. I guess Justinian’s kind of a peace-monger, because he allowed me to sue for peace a few turns later.

There's yet another worker sitting along my borders, but I don't think I'm going to nab him until I'm ready to wage full on war.

Then he moved two more workers on to the border. You can guess what I did then. Again, we sued for peace a few turns later. Now he’s got an archer wandering around my borders and I’m wondering if an attack is imminent, but in the meanwhile, development of my empire is proceeding along rather quickly thanks to the four free workers.

In this game I’ve got some Chariots about to be produced to try and take over Justinian’s forces. Since chariots get a boost against Axemen, I might be able to get a tactical advantage against his technologically superior forces and have a relatively easy conquest.


The problem game hasn’t gotten much better. I foolishly struck out against Kublai Khan in a gamble to try and catch him before he had copper-based units (since I certainly don’t have any). All I did was anger the Axemen who brutally murdered my Warriors. With no horses, copper, but maybe iron, this could get ugly since I have no way of really fighting back. Add to that Eric on the other side of my borders and things could get ugly.

The Great Wall is in place to keep the Mongolians out of China just like history intended...but what's Portugal doing there?

I also couldn’t resist stealing a worker from Eric, which he didn’t notice for about five turns. We’ve made peace again since then.

This may be my only successful conquest in this game...

I may be screwed in this game. I’m not quite sure how to proceed now since I haven’t got any real military tech to back me up. I’ve just got to pray that discovering Iron Working will reveal an iron cache somewhere nearby.

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