Super Bowl and Caps [Wednesday Morning Quarterback]
Feb 3rd, 2010 by Dan


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know that the teams in the Super Bowl this year are the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts. If you’re me, you probably already don’t care one bit about this. They’re teams I have no allegiance to and no interest in. The only minor reason why I might root for the Saints is because I have a friend who’s originally from Louisiana. Otherwise, don’t care.

In more awesome news, the Capitals are keeping the streak alive. If I’m not mistaken, the team is at 11 straight wins, which is just fantastic for a team that was near the bottom of the league in skill just a few years ago. The big test will come on 7 Feb. On that night the Capitals will go up against the Penguins who no doubt will be looking to knock them off of their perch. For my sake, please don’t lose Washington. I have a rep to protect at work and I’ve been riding high mocking my Penguin fan co-workers. A loss would only set me back.

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