Month: December 2009

  • 2009 Comes to a Close [Uncat]

    Another year closes on IBNttT and while this blog is still less than two years old, I feel like it’s been steadily improving since its inception. When I first started it up, I wanted to keep an editorial voice and keep my personal life out of the mix. I strove to develop a unique, editorial […]

  • Getting to Know Your Friends [Game Overview]

    New Super Mario Brothers Wii is marriage poison. -Gabe (AKA Jerry Holkins). “The Fullness of Time“ In the past two months I’ve learned one very important truth about my friends: they’re complete jerks. Not in any friendship kind of way, but in the if-it-came-down-to-it-would-they-have-my-back kind of way. It all started with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. […]

  • Best Video Games of the Decade [Game Overview]

    You may notice some games that are missing from this list and are on every other list. Well, I didn’t play everything because I didn’t have the time or the money, so that accounts for some of the big misses like Pyschonauts or Resident Evil 4. Other games are deliberately omitted :cough: HALO :cough: This […]

  • Every Movie in 2009 [Filmmakers Bleed]

    This is it, every movie that came out in 2009 (sometimes repeated more than once) to make a pretty sweet seven minute montage. Lord knows I’m a sucker for montages. Enjoy

  • “I’ll Be Gone” by Mario Basinov and VIDIS [Feedback]

    Neat video concept. I’m a fan. I’ll be gone from KORB on Vimeo.

  • The Best Movies of the Decade [Filmmakers Bleed]

    In no particular order… Memento (2000) Guess what readers, this post is more or less one giant love letter to Christopher Nolan. With the exception of Insomnia, this list contains every movie the man’s directed since Memento (NOTE: Insomnia is not bad, it’s just not best of the decade caliber). Memento does what Christopher Nolan […]

  • Best TV Shows of the Decade [Idiot Box]

    You’ll notice that this list is weighted heavily toward the end of the decade rather than the early part and that’s all because I didn’t watch much tv in high school (2000-2004). The list is also pretty small because I didn’t have access to most tv shows during my years at the university unless I […]

  • My Favorite Bands/Albums/Musical Concepts of the 2000s [Feedback]

    It’s really been tough coming up with the music that has most resonated with me in the 2000s. Wanting to represent the entire decade is tough, since I don’t really find the music that I used to listen to before I went to college all that good. Once I had more money and exposure beyond […]

  • OK Go – WTF? [Feedback]

    Ok, I know I’m way behind on this “of the Decade” project, but bear with me, the winter is the hardest time for me to keep on top of things and I’ve been dead tired all week long. OK Go may or may not actually appear on my Best Music list, but I can guarantee […]

  • Best of the Decade Lists [Uncat]

    You guys like Best of the decade lists? I know I do, but I also don’t have the depth of knowledge to really examine what the true bests were nor do I have the desire to rank them. Instead, I’ll probably write about the things that made the most impact on me over this past […]