LOST: “LaFleur” [Idiot Box]
Mar 5th, 2009 by Dan

SPOILERS! You have been warned…

This week we got a bit of explanation as to how Jin got to be driving a van around the island in the 70s. It seems that the Losties who were left behind after Locke left ended up, after a few flashes, on the island during the reign of the DHARMA initiative. They quickly gained the trust of the initiative by solving a problem that the Others started, but they were ostensibly getting the blame for. After that event, they integrated into island society, mostly into security just so that they can comb the island looking for the O6 and Locke.

Now for my major gripe about the episode: Sawyer and Juliet?! NOOOOO! Oh well, I guess they just want to create as much tension as possible when Kate and Jack return, creating a love square, of sorts. It really is too bad that they did this to LOST. I enjoyed Sawyer and Juliet’s playful snarky relationship more. In a way, it makes a lot more sense, I suppose, since the show always really wanted to put Kate with Jack. We’ll see where this plot point ends up in…TWO WEEKS! Why the gap? New timeslot coming up too, apparently: Lost at 2000…strange

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