Zombies in Best Buy? [Sony, M$]
Mar 4th, 2009 by Dan

Everyone’s favorite controversial, borderline racist game, Resident Evil 5, is about to hit stores, but the Best Buy in Stroudsburg, PA is not satisfied with just a midnight pre-order pickup. Oh no, they’ve pulled out all the stops to create a store-wide zombie invasion.

Not only will the store itself be a haunted house, complete with scientists and zombies, but the US Army will be showing up complete with blanks-firing, but otherwise bona fide M16s, which sounds like a TERRIBLE idea, but still, it should be interesting.

The ante has been upped even further though, with viral videos exposing the backstory of the event being posted online.

I really hope this event is a success, cause it would be great to have all sorts of huge premiere events at retail instead of boring queues.

(Sourced from three Kotaku articles)

Next week we’ll have the return of WMQ with some WBC and Spring Training news!

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