The Villains of Final Fantasy Week 7 [Game Overview]
Dec 5th, 2008 by Dan

Insert another credit, because it’s time for your weekly video game news and you’ve just hit the Game Overview screen.

With every Final Fantasy game there exists great (and not so great) teams of heroes bent on saving the world from some sort of evil force. While we could take a look at those heroes, let’s instead take a look at the evils that motivate these heroes to do what they do.

It should be noted that this feature will be full of spoilers.

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Final Fantasy VII…

At the risk of looking like a snobbish, elite jerk, I don’t like FF VII mainly because it’s the game that everyone likes. I know, I know…it’s lame, but it stems from my love of FF VI, trust me!

The game was the first to penetrate the North American RPG market. It was a daring, risky move by Squaresoft to widen its appeal. No more swords and sorcery (so you think, it comes back a little later) and a departure from past innocence.

It does lack in many places where VI excels. Cloud Strife is a douche. He’s a jerk, he’s a moron, he’s not as cool as everyone makes him out to be. The rest of the cast is also asinine aside from Cid and Tifa.

Then there’s Sephiroth.

I will never understand the gamer obsession with Sephiroth. Ok, so he kills Aeris (there’s a statute of limitation on these things, sorry if this was a spoiler, but you were warned) and that sucks. Did I tear up about it? Naw, I liked Tifa more. It sucked cause I had just wasted time training her up to get what was apparently her final limit break. I wasn’t happy about that…

Sure, he wipes out a village or two, but how evil is he really? Kefka reshaped the entire planet. Sephiroth has mommy issues, is ambiguously male, and is all-around not that satisfying an enemy. He truly believes in what he’s doing. He’s not lusting for power or just trying to destroy existence like Kefka.

Maybe one day the world will realize Sephiroth isn’t that awesome? Who am I kidding…

Evil Rating:

Burned down a city. Killed Aeris, wiping out my progress on her character. Wanted to destroy the world. :yawn:


Cool Rating:

No. Sword is too long, hair is too long, looks too much like a girl.



Character art from FF VII
Crisis Core
Sackboy Sephiroth


Kingdom Hearts II:

Advent Children:

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