Saturday Night Fever: Howl at the Moon
Aug 19th, 2008 by Dan

As I said yesterday, I had myself a great time at the Howl at the Moon dueling pianos bar this past Saturday. What exactly is a dueling pianos bar? Well the main crux of it is that you have two pianos each with an entertainer playing them. They’re supposed to take requests, play them, and make them entertaining in some way, either by competing against each other, as you saw yesterday in the Roger Rabbit example, or by inviting audience participation on stage in some way.

The performers at Howl have a tough job, if you think about it. They’re responsible not only for playing the music, but knowing all sorts of classic songs, singing them, and making you laugh in the process. Not surprisingly, they do so with great skill as I was even entertained by songs I didn’t know based on their antics on stage.

Below is an example of them performing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band:

So the entertainment is sweet, but what about the rest of the details? There is a cover charge that varies based on time and day of the week ranging from free for women on Wednesdays to $5 before 2000 on Saturdays (I don’t know what the cost rises to after 2000). This is decently reasonable, especially considering that during Happy Hour specials, you can get your drinks super cheap. I’m not sure if I left Happy Hour at some point, but I had something like five or six beers (Yuengling) and spent $20, which averages to about $3.33-4 per beer, which is reasonable for an entertainment venue. Their beer and cocktail selection is good, but nothing amazing and service is pretty good (and part of the show too).

Howl at the Moon is a great bar to go to in general (I’m not a fan of cover charges, but I know I’m not in Ithaca any more) and the entertainment is top notch. If you ever happen to be in the Inner Harbor/Power Plant sector of Baltimore looking for a fun night, definitely hit up the Howl at the Moon bar.

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