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  • On Qwikster and Tone Deaf Moves [Mr.D/FB/IB]

    I understand the reasons for Netflix spinning off its DVD business as a discrete and separate entity. They recognize a sinking ship when they see one and, theoretically, this would enable them to eliminate tons of overhead (buildings, postage, the employees who check and stuff discs, etc.) increasing their profit margin for the foreseeable future. […]

  • Google+ [Mr.D]

    So I got in on Google + thanks to Julie Geng. More to come as I form an opinion.

  • Google Music Beta [F/MD]

    I got into the Google Music Beta! More info as I figure more out, but so far it seems great. My music is being uploaded to the cloud as we speak and I’ve been able to listen to it on my phone wherever I have a signal. It’s nice to have such a mobile library!

  • Amicitia sans oris [Mr. Digital]

    Last month I found myself worrying about a friend of mine who was going through a tough time. Kim had just lost a friend and was headed to Louisiana for the funeral, so I wouldn’t be hearing from her for a week. I told her I was sorry and that I was there for her […]

  • Game Overview: 16-Bit Runner-Ups Part 2: RPG Edition

    Back on Saturday we took a look at two excellent games that didn’t quite make the cut. Today, we examine another three, all of them the superb 16-bit RPGs. You know the drill by now about the “Table of Honor” and whatnot, so let’s just get down to the clue and game: This first game […]

  • Mr. Digital: Missed Opportunities: Delicious Library

    So I see this link on a Penny Arcade rant to some piece of software called Delicious Library has released version two. The name is intriguing, so I head over and see a program that actually looks pretty sick. You see, you can document your media library just by scanning the barcode using your webcam. […]

  • Mr. Digital: iPod Touch

    So my iPod Video decided that my right ear was incidental, so it stopped transmitting sound to my right headphone, unless I applied pressure is some sort of arcane, randomly determined direction at all times. Lucky for me, since I got it pre-owned off of eBay, I put a SquareTrade warranty on it, so they […]