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  • You Never Forget Your First Time #2: Wisdom Tree’s Bible Adventures

    Here’s my second entry in YNFYFT

  • Exploring Sound in Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

    Hey, Eric again. (Don’t worry, I’m not taking over Dan’s blog….yet) Dan’s comment in yesterday’s video (You Never Forget your First Time #1) made me want to explore the unique way that the NES produced sound for its iconic game, Super Mario Bros. Thanks to emulation we’re able to listen to the sound from different […]

  • Mother 3 Review [Big N]

    Ruminations on video games as an art form – this could very well become a Mother 3 review. There will be spoilers here. Seriously, don’t read it if you want to play Mother 3 and not have the plot spoiled. There’s a trite comparison that floats around the internet almost every month that always gets […]

  • Let’s Tap [Big N]

    Ever heard of a game called Let’s Tap? If you have, it’s probably been in the context of how ridiculous it is. Basically, you control the game by tapping on a surface. That’s it. The game comes with a cardboard box in Japan, but what about here in the States? Let’s check out this Let’s […]

  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories [Big N]

    I’m not a fan of the horror genre. Not even a little bit. The only “survival horror” game I’ve ever played was Eternal Darkness and, despite how awesome that game is, it scared the bejesus out of me in some places. Yet here we are again with another horror game tempting me with it’s interesting […]

  • Rhythm Heaven Review [Big N]

    I’ve always harbored this delusion belief that I would be pretty good at music if I ever picked up an instrument. I have no evidence to back this up. Back in the fifth grade when I played the recorder I wasn’t an instant pro and I didn’t pick up the drums in Rock Band without […]

  • Bubble Bobble Plus [Big N]

    Bubble Bobble is back Remember back when I wrote about my favorite 8-bit era games? Well the next day I wrote about a runner-up, the classic Bubble Bobble. Astute readers may remember me stating: “If there were ever a game that needed a DS or XBL update, this would undoubtedly be in the top ten […]

  • Regigigas, I choose you! [Big N]

    Went to the nearest Toys “R” Us today to finally get my hands on the Regigigas that I mentioned in an earlier blog post. The process was quick and easy and I was only slightly embarrassed to complete it. Probably the funniest part of it was that, since I had two copies of the game, […]

  • Regigigas [Big N]

    According to Kotaku, from 8 March to 21 March you’ll be able to download Regigigas to your Pokemon cards by heading over to your local Toys R’ Us. It’s super embarrassing, but I know I’m gonna have to head over at some point to get myself the legendary Pokemon.

  • Big N: Super Mario RPG

    It’s probably too early to start calling me Nostradamus (we’ll have to wait until the regular season of baseball ends to know just how good I am), but if you remember this post I mentioned that Mario RPG’s launch on the VC in PAL territories would spearhead a US release. Lo and behold, Mario RPG, […]