Ghosts, Zoey Clothes, Ten, the SML Theme, and Bit Boy [Game Overview]
June 12th, 2009 by Dan

Insert another credit, because it’s time for your weekly video game news and you’ve just hit the Game Overview screen.


Death in a single-player game is a fairly private thing. You do something stupid and, if your friends aren’t there, no one knows it happened and no one can even see it. Heck, if you’re playing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the Prince will even refuse to canonically admit that he died due to their unique narrative structure.

According to Kotaku, Demon’s Souls by Atlus is looking to change some of that with some creative coding. The system they’ve got in place will generate the ghosts in the game by recording other player’s actions. Other players can leave canned messages for other players to view as ghastly apparitions or just run around. The coolest feature was that examining blood stains on the floor will allow you to see ghastly representations of other player’s last seconds before dying. Totilo watched what was probably a beta tester’s ghost appear by a blood stain and promptly miss a jump, falling to his death. It seems pretty awesome in concept, that’s for sure.

Rhythm Heaven/Paradise/Tengoku

The latest Rhythm Heaven trailer has hit the nets and I can’t not post it. Come to think of it, did I post the second in that series?

Left 4 Fashion

Ever wanted to dress like Zoey from Left 4 Dead? Now you can!

The replica track jacket retails for $65. Awesome zombie-fighting posse and submachine gun not included.


The theme for Super Mario Land was way underrated. Enjoy this great rendition.


I leave you with Bit Boy!! The game has yet to sell me, but its concept is pretty cool.

7 Responses  
  • Eric Mesa writes:
    June 12th, 20098:38at

    I think the ghost idea is awesome. Of cousre, they stole that from Mario kart.

  • Dan writes:
    June 12th, 20098:46at

    The Kotaku article does name drop Mario Kart. I would hesitate to say they stole the idea though.

  • Eric Mesa writes:
    June 12th, 20098:52at

    OH, it was totally grand theft phantom

  • Dan writes:
    June 12th, 20099:00at

    I had to resist posting about how Gnome > KDE on your blog today because I worried that real Linux people would show up and I’d start some sort of flame war.

  • Dan writes:
    June 12th, 20099:02at

    I totally forgot to title this post. See, this is why I use numeric permalinks

  • Eric Mesa writes:
    June 12th, 20099:05at

    It doesn’t matter, the permalink would have been figured out on its own. WP is awesome like that.

    Flame on!

  • Dan writes:
    June 12th, 20099:09at


    Who knew?

    But what if someone had already linked me…ahahahaha, ok, you’re right

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