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March 19th, 2009 by Dan

Too many different things to talk about!

Cuba’s been eliminated from the WBC by Japan! It kind of bums me out. They’ll play a final seeding match against Korea to decide who plays Team USA and who plays Venezuela.

Lost was great last night. Tune in to see Sawyer absolutely ream Jack at the end of the episode. The reveal of young Ben was kind of obvious, but the best Ben-related moment was the super-startling thump on the head that Sun gave the bug-eyed freak mid-sentence with Lapidus.

I might talk about some RE5 DLC on Saturday, it seems that there’s controversy about the announcement of multiplayer that’s basically in the game, but would cost $5 to unlock. At least it’s better than talking about racism!

I leave you, my loyal readers, with a fun little Domo picture I like to call Xerox Domo:

Xerox Domo

2 Responses  
  • Eric Mesa writes:
    March 19th, 20099:42at

    Oh Domo…..

    Funny how much context matters. If that multiplayer was an add-on that you have to d/l after $5, no one gets mad. If it’s already in the game, but costs $5 to unlock – uproar. But technically it’s the same thing.

  • Dan writes:
    March 19th, 20099:48at

    I’ll get more into it, but the funny thing with RE5 is that the game itself includes every mode that’s been in past RE games, it just doesn’t have this deathmatch thing that sounds like a terrible idea when you consider how the game controls.

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