Embedded Reporter: Maya Angelou
May 26th, 2008 by Dan

Deep from the trenches, it’s time for your Monday video feature: Embedded Reporter.

Graduation has come and gone for me this past weekend, which is why I haven’t had any posts since Friday. Our Convocation speaker was the amazing Dr. Maya Angelou, who gave a very cool speech on Saturday. You can watch the speech (in Realplayer only at the moment, WTF?) here.

She’s definitely a great speaker and funny when she wants to be. I hate to brag, but she beat the pants off of my brother’s convocation speaker four years ago, General (Ret.) Wesley Clark. To be fair, the president back then, Jeffrey Lehman, knocked the socks off of the dull speech by our president, David Skorton. He’s just so boring I can’t stand it.

Anyway, enjoy the convocation video while you can, it’s supposedly going to be removed from the website at some point due to copyright concerns.

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  • Eric writes:
    May 27th, 200810:21at

    F&cking copyright issues. You’d think the university could secure the rights. I noticed her style seemed to involve a lot of repetition of phrases. I wonder if that’s the same style she uses for her poetry. I agree with you that her speech was much better than the General’s. His seemed to be quite a bit bitter.

    I took 510 pictures last weekend. My 55-200mm Tamron lens was able to reach far enough that you can see when Mya Angelou was laughing. If only I’d had the 100-400mm lens I had coveted. Oh well….

  • Dan writes:
    May 28th, 200811:43at

    Nice work on that picture taking, I can’t wait to see the good ones once you’ve whittled them down.

  • Eric writes:
    May 29th, 200812:16at

    If only I could get a damn free moment. My afternoons have been evaporating right before my eyes….

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