The Heroes of Final Fantasy Week 3 [GO]
August 25th, 2010 by Dan

The Heroes of Final Fantasy Week 3

One of the first major features on this blog was a Villains of Final Fantasy series that ran for 13 weeks covering the main enemies of every numbered Final Fantasy game from I to XII including X-2. With Final Fantasy XIII launching in the states in just over a month, I figured it’s high time to give some recognition to the teams who are actually responsible for bringing those villains to justice and saving the world. I bring you the Heroes of Final Fantasy.

Week 1 – Final Fantasy
Week 2 – Final Fantasy II


Kinda chubby

The Onion Knights are actually a band of cipher protagonists with no real personalities or backstories. Later remakes of the game attempted to revise this and shoehorn in some identities and personalities to the characters, but the fact remains that the protagonists of FF III are nobodies in the same way that the cast of FF I are nobodies, only this time they have so many different class combinations that it would be prohibitively difficult (i.e., I don’t want to do it) for me to list and describe them all.


Who are these four mysterious warriors and why do they fight? No one knows. Would I invite them over to my house to hang out? No way. Too boring.


Hero Quotient:

Killing Chaos or an inter-dimensional, trans-existential beings bent on destroying existence is kind of impressive, I guess, but that’s what everyone does in an FF game. Mastering a bunch of jobs and skills seems pretty hard, so I’ll give them a small boost for that.



Ok, these guys look kind of cool. Reminds me of Amano

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