E3 2010 Happened! [GO]
June 25th, 2010 by Dan

And I didn’t really cover any of it. You know who did? The good people of Giant Bomb. Here is their coverage of the three days of E3.

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  • Eric Mesa writes:
    June 27th, 201021:14at

    Brad’s really skinny compared to Jeff and … I recognize the voice, but not the name.

    • Dan writes:
      June 28th, 20109:45at

      I think you mean Ryan Davis? It might also just be the effect of standing next to Ryan and Jeff that makes him look that way.

  • Eric Mesa writes:
    June 27th, 201023:30at

    None of teh guys look like they sound! crazy!

    • Dan writes:
      June 28th, 20109:46at

      From Day 1 of Giant Bomb I’ve been seeing all of these guys pictures in video and stuff, so their look is really inseparable from their voice. I can see how you might be surprised having only heard their voice. I mean, think about what you thought Leigh Alexander looked like versus what she actually does look like.

      • Eric Mesa writes:
        June 28th, 201018:40at

        She is really, really annoying in Day 3 of teh GB E3 coverage on the podcast

        • Dan writes:
          June 28th, 201019:16at

          You’re one of those, huh? I think she’s just fine and she was able to make some good points. She caught tons of flak from the community.

          • Eric Mesa writes:
            June 28th, 201019:22at

            I liked her better last time around. This time the thing with boston was annoying.

            • Dan writes:
              June 28th, 201019:25at

              That’s the result of your New York-loving wife. As a hater of all Boston teams I was more than happy to hear all of it.

  • Eric Mesa writes:
    June 27th, 201023:33at

    Vinnie is also surprisingly skinny – although he looks like he sounds. He also looks really italian.

    • Dan writes:
      June 28th, 20109:47at

      Vinny is ridiculously Long Island Italian.

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