Interesting Trends: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]
May 5th, 2010 by Dan

Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals 5 April 2010

I get to experience good weather at Nats Park for the first time since Opening Day above.

Who would have expected Liván Hernández to have a sub 1.00 ERA and one of the best records in baseball at this point in the season?

Why do the Marlins seem to drop the first game of every series?

Will either of these trends end? I hope one definitely does!

04 May

Rakuten Eagles (5) at Seibu Lions (6). Not a good habit to get into (losing to the Lions). Rakuten falls to 16-20-0 with the next highest place (3rd) 5.5 games ahead of them.

Hiroshima Carp (5) at Yokohama BayStars (6). Speaking of teams that you don’t want to keep losing to, Hiroshima drops yet another game and falls behind the BayStars in the standings with their 14-19-0 record.

Baltimore Orioles (1) at New York Yankees (4). Déjà vu. 7-20 is a mighty big hole to dig out of.

Atlanta Braves (3) at Washington Nationals (6). I get to see the Nats win for the first time this season. Good times. Wasghington is 14-12 in third.

San Francisco Giants (9) at Florida Marlins (6). Florida miraculously ties up the game started by Tim Lincecum, but they can’t break the tie and secure the win. They finally lose it in the 12th thanks to the Marlins relief. Florida falls to 13-13 and is in fourth.

Tampa Bay Rays (5) at Seattle Mariners (2). Longoria hits himself another home run as the Rays comfortably win behind Jamie Shields. It’s Matt Garza against Cliff Lee tonight and this could be an exciting pitching duel. In the meanwhile, the Rays have a one game lead on the Yankees with their 19-7 record.

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