The One In Which I Appear On TV: Yesterday’s Scores That Matter [WMQ]
April 14th, 2010 by Dan

I figured that my Rays gear might put me on the tube.

When you go to a sparsely attended game where you’re rooting against the home team, chances are you might appear on TV.

13 April

Yakult Swallows (2) at Hiroshima Carp (3). A close, 10th inning, walk-off win. The Carp are proving to be quite the thorn in Yakult’s side. Their record rises to 5-10-0, but they remain in last.

Rakuten Eagles (3) at Seibu Lions (5). Not so lucky for the Eagles who fall to Seibu and fall to 7-11-0 two games out of fourth.

Tampa Bay Rays (8) at Baltimore Orioles (6). Brian Matusz and Jeff Niemann both pitch strong games into the eighth where their bullpens start giving runs up. Another extra innings affair that put me on TV and notched yet another ‘W’ in the Rays hat. Tampa Bay rises to 5-3 in third while Baltimore falls to 1-7 in last.

Cincinnati Reds (10) at Florida Marlins (8). Florida’s gonna give me a heart attack soon. Their teams continues to have these dramatic come-from-behind attacks that just don’t seem to be holding up. Their game goes 11, but the Fish can’t quite hold on. Florida is 4-4 in second place.

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