With Apologies to Min: Scores That Matter for 1 April [WMQ]
April 1st, 2010 by Dan

Since I didn't talk about the NPB yesterday I didn't get a chance to put up another picture of a baseball babe. Sorry Min, that won't happen again.

1 April

Hanshin Tigers at Hiroshima Carp. Appears to have been rained out. The Carp remain at 1-4-0 in last in the Central League.
Rakuten Golden Eagles (2) at Chiba Lotte Marines (3). The Eagles are now 2-6-0 and in fifth place in the Pacific League.

It was too good to be true for the Eagles to start a win streak. They go on to face the Hawks tomorrow. Softbank has been having a hard time recently, so it’s a good time for Rakuten to start performing.

Meanwhile, the Carp will go on to face the Yomiuri Giants in a series that can only be saved by a miracle. Is five games in a little early to start getting so dramatic about the Carp’s misfortunes? Probably, but I don’t see much good coming out of a series with the Giants.

Just in case you were wondering about the relevance of the picture, it’s obvious, isn’t it? The Carp were playing the Tigers today. These girls are on the Hanshin Tigers racing team, a totally different sport.

2 Responses  
  • Eric Mesa writes:
    April 1st, 201016:01at

    I’m diggin’ this photo way more than the eagles.

    • Dan writes:
      April 1st, 201016:06at

      It’s a little less baseball-y, but I agree.

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