Missed Milestones – State of the Table [Uncat]
February 25th, 2010 by Dan

Dan enjoying South Beach

I was loosely planning to do something special for my 500th post. Something that would have embodied everything that I’ve tried to do with this blog over the past 22 months…

Then I looked at my post count and realized I was at 515. I missed it. I like that I missed it too. Life shouldn’t be so carefully planned out.

That’s why I’d like to announce my retirement effective immediately…ok, just kidding, I’m not done here, not until it ceases to be fun and we’re nowhere near that point yet.

Thanks for coming along with me on however many of the 515 you have. Maybe I’ll see you again at 1030.


Oh! Last minute housekeeping:

You probably didn’t notice the stealth launch of my Features page. Right there on the sidebar you can easily access any entry to the features that live on my blog, so fret no more about getting from post to post in order. I also plan on adding a page that will be a resource for access to all of the reviews on the site, but that won’t be launched until I get a chance to figure out precisely how I want to lay it all out.

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  • Eric Mesa writes:
    February 25th, 20109:03at

    I think that photo fits perfectly with the tone of the post. Good choice.

    • Dan writes:
      February 25th, 20109:17at

      You probably love it more because it’s one that you took, but I think so too and I love that shot.

  • Eric Mesa writes:
    February 25th, 20109:09at

    Looking at the features page, I think you did a perfect job. Min requested it and you delivered in spades.

    It was also neat to see how long each of your series was in comparison to the others.

    I had also forgotten about your DQ series and how much I liked it. Hopefully it doesn’t suffer too much from having been so long since you completed the game.

    I’m curious if the Villians of Final Fantasy will be updated after you play 13.

    • Dan writes:
      February 25th, 20109:19at

      I don’t play on letting the DQ series suffer at all. It wouldn’t do the game justice and I can’t have that.

      I was planning on putting in an FF XIII entry once I’d played the game, so expect to see it in April or May.

  • Eric Mesa writes:
    February 25th, 201010:01at

    Wow, I can’t believe you’re nearing the 2 year mark!

    • Dan writes:
      February 25th, 201010:18at

      Me neither. I’ve never lasted this long with a sustained blog before. I almost lost it around the holidays in 2008, but I think I came back stronger than ever.

      • Eric Mesa writes:
        February 25th, 201010:19at

        I agree. On balance, your non-video-heavy posts have been exceptional. I think your Japan trip was the highlight for me, but nearly all the series on your features page are great.

        • Dan writes:
          February 25th, 201010:31at

          That’s good to hear. I’ve been working on evolving and maturing my style and that work never ends. I’m proud of my Japan blog and I hope to continue to do stuff like that when I travel. Maybe I’ll do a mini-blog when I go to Minnesota this year.

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