Mecha-Zangief?! [Game Overview]
January 8th, 2010 by Dan

With the release of Super Street Fighter IV rapidly approaching and the convenient timing of CES, Capcom has started its marketing blitz in earnest these past few days. The most recent trailer highlights the new features in the game, including new costumes, rival battles, and, most excitingly, new Ultra Combos.

I haven’t seen the full gamut of the new costumes, but there’s no way that you can argue that Mecha-Zangief is not the most awesome of the ones showcased. A close second is Shadaloo Cammy decked out in Vega’s costume (here at IBNttT we call Dictator by his true name).

One of the other great things about the trailer is the part showing the “ink” cutscenes that comprised the intro of the first game. The Juri vs. Chun Li fight looks like it’ll be interesting to watch.

The true spotlight goes to the new Ultra Combos. Knowing when to expect one Ultra from each character is hard enough, but now I’m gonna have to remember both UCs for everyone and try and figure out how to dodge them all. Most terrifying to me is Zangief’s air-Ultra, which will probably snag me many times, since I tend to jump to avoid his UC as is. Another bummer is Ken’s ability to have real range on his Ultra. I loved being able to just back away one character length and be safe from his shoryuken. Other trailers I’ve seen make it seem like players will have to declare which UC they’re using, so at least it won’t be too bad to judge what’s coming.


I know what you’re all thinking. How can Grunt ever live up to the awesomeness that was Wrex? I think we’re going to have to accept that he’s just not going to be cool enough and leave it at that. Instead of having everyone’s favorite Krogan in my party, I’ll probably side with some of the other aliens, but maybe one of the humans will make the coolness cut this time. Who knows? I can’t wait until 26 January, I’m hurrying my replay on the PC to prepare for the end of this month.

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  • Eric Mesa writes:
    January 8th, 201010:10at

    Replay? I thought you were playing for the first time.

    • Dan writes:
      January 8th, 201010:21at

      I got it on the Xbox 360 when it came out because the PC version wasn’t coming out for months. After playing Dragon Age: Origins on my PC, I convinced myself that I didn’t want to play Mass Effect 2 on my Xbox where it would be technically inferior and annoying, so I got it on my PC a few weeks ago so I could transfer my character from ME1 to ME2 instead of starting from scratch on the PC. This will technically be my fourth or fifth replay (only third full replay) and I might do another one for a Renegade Shepard too to see how different it would be.

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